Increase of Car Wrecks Makes Police Take Drastic Actions

 Increase of Car Wrecks Makes Police Take Drastic Actions

Due to an 80 percent increase in car wrecks along the fourlane between Cabo and San Jose, the police has increased its presence in an operation dubbed “Carrousel,” which consists in driving at reduced speeds, forcing other drivers to stay behind them. Although the speed limit is 90 km/hour (56 mph), it is not unusual to see small vehicles going 130 (80 mph). The most common vehicles driving over the speed limit are tourist transportation vans, Suburban’s and Cadillac Escalades. Since most accidents have happened after 8:00 pm, the police has begun to perform the Carrousel after that time. Said one local Gringo driver: “Last night, city police were running traffic blocks between San Jose and Cabo San Lucas at 40 miles per hour. There were 4 police cars on each side of the fourlane with flashers on. The backup was about a mile long. It’s good they are doing something.” Just last week there were four accidents where two people died and several were injured. Slow down!


  • They haven’t YET FIXED the ROAD SIGNS that were blown down by the hurricane last December!

  • […] February, traffic accidents were up a reported 80%, most taking place in the four-lane Tourist Corridor that leads to Los Cabos’ most popular […]

  • Some “No Non-Sense” approaches, are important to implement instead of just talking about them. The next step will be ENFORCEMENT.

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