Huge Blue Marlin Caught

 Huge Blue Marlin Caught

Happening NOW in Cabo. Another “out of season” Blue Marlin was caught yesterday, weighing in at 660 Lbs. and measured out to 169 inches; 14 feet! The billfish was caught aboard 33 foot vessel “Dream Maker” (NOT a Pisces vessel) with Captain “Cheque” Cervantes.  This Blue was caught on a blue/white lure while fishing for Tuna and from Captain Cheque’s account it may have gotten somewhat tangled which aided the angler, Marshall Ryerson from Michigan, to land the fish in just over 40 minutes. The angler decided to keep the fish as this was his FIRST EVER Marlin caught. Pisces promotes catch and release of Billfish and we have a release rate of 98% for the fleet yearly. However, it is noteworthy that two Blues over 600 Lbs. have been caught in less than two weeks and goes to show the incredible fishery we have here in Cabo. This year is turning out to be one of our best fishing ever in only the first month of 2022.(With information from:


  • 1st fish or not that is unacceptable!!!!!
    Let the big breeders go🤬

    • I agree 100%. I call BS on the foul hook-up. These big boys are precious. Get your photo and release!

  • I guess anything goes in Mexico. I’d like to see your reception at the dock in the US or Bahamas after killing a big female.

  • What a pathetic and disgusting sport.

  • I love to see response from people who have know idea what happens in water.
    When fishing and catching a big fish death happens. When you catch a big fish and are able to bring that fish the the boat, congratulations. However there is a good chance that that fish will die. This is what happened to this majestic fish. This group of fishermen did the correct thing. They got the fish on board. But what most of you do not realize, this group gave almost 50% to an Orphanagein Cabo. Please let me know of everyone who thinks catching this amazing fish was wrong. I beg anyone to tell me or those who caught that beautiful fish it was wrong. If you do you are an amazing hypocrite.. fuck you who think we killed that fish. Go back to your private jet then look down on me. Jerk

  • I’m a fisherman. I enjoy salt water fishing, and periodically keep the fish we catch. However, I try to not be wasteful and either quit once we have enough, or release what we cannot consume.
    I’m with the folks who say releasing a fish like the marlin is the right thing to do. The really big ones are inevitably females. There’s a really good book called “in pursuit of giants” and a lot of the book covers the disappearing giant Marlins of years past. A great read.

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