Will Travel Restrictions Be Lifted?

 Will Travel Restrictions Be Lifted?

Even with the rapid spread of the Omnicrom variant, the World Health Organization has decided that travel restrictions be lifted around the world. The phrase used was, “coronavirus-related restrictions do not provide added value and continue to contribute to the economic and social stress experienced by citizens.” The statement added that “the unmitigated spread of the Omnicron variant shows the ineffectiveness of travel restrictions over time. It seems that safety measures such as masking, testing, isolation, quarantine and vaccination should be based on risk assessments to avoid placing an excess financial burden on international travelers. There you have it. Visit Cabo!


  • Just how many of the southern Baja tourists returning to the US or Canada test positive and are unable to fly home as planned? Does every hotel/resort have quarantine quarters for them? It doesn’t seem like anybody is talking about this and we are curious. Is anyone keeping track of these numbers?

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