New Desal Plant to Break Ground Next Month

 New Desal Plant to Break Ground Next Month

Professor Oscar Leggs, Mayor of Los Cabos, announced that the upcoming second desal plant’s construction will begin next month. Yeah, February, Bunky. This will add nearly 68 gallons per second of drinking water to the Cabo San Lucas residents. Yeah, drinking water, ha! Nobody drinks water from the tap in Mexico, hellooo! Anyways, the existing plant is producing 79 gallons per second, so our cool town will now have around 147 gallons per second coming into our homes. Problemo is, Cabo San Lucas needs about 263 gallons per second, so we are still short about 116 gallons per second. And the town’s population keeps on growing. Sigh. Hopefully the Israelis will land here and do the magic building yet another desal plant in three months, like they do in their desert country. In the meantime, shower with a friend.


  • Does anyone know where this plant will be located?

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