Israelis Might Help With Desal Plant

 Israelis Might Help With Desal Plant

Left, Israel Ambassador to Mexico. Right, the Mayor of Los Cabos.

During a recent visit to Mexico City, Los Cabos Mayor Oscar Leggs met with the Israeli Ambassador, Zvi Tal, with whom the technology to quickly build a desal plant was discussed. Ambassador Tal will be visiting us son to learn more about our water supply needs. ISI Water Co says: “Israel has managed to rise above its water shortages is unprecedented. As the rest of the Middle East continues to dry up, a robust combination of wastewater recycling and desalination technology has turned Israel into a stable water consumer and water producer. The country’s success highlights the remarkable solution that lies in desalination technology and the potential for the developing world to make water scarcity a problem of the past.” Stay tuned.

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