Cabo Hospitals Under Fire

 Cabo Hospitals Under Fire

Finally, after years of complaints about their outrageous prices – which led the U.S. Consul to request a meeting with our Secretary of Tourism, three hospitals in Los Cabos have been suspended. The strong and long arm of Profeco, Mexico’s consumer protection agency, reached out and placed huge signs on their front door. Suspended doesn’t mean that they can’t provide any services, but they are limited to some only and have to sit down with the authorities to reach an agreement. The result can be a hefty fine, a complete shut down or in the best outcome, that they understand and charge realistic prices. This is done with a Notary so they can’t escape. Oh, Profeco did not revealed the names of the hospitals, we have to start digging. Stay tuned.


  • just drive around abs check the front doors

  • Is Saint Luke’s Hospital in Los Cabos one the 3 hospitals?

  • Is there an update on this story? Do we know which hospitals were impacted?

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