New Madrid – Los Cabos Flight!

 New Madrid – Los Cabos Flight!

Do you remember this guy? Yup, Ernest Hemingway, who fought in the Spanish civil war against Franco.

Yep, starting in June 2022, we will be able to fly to Europe with Iberojet. The bad side of it, it’s that the Spaniards will be able to come down to Cabo, too. Let me explain. Mexico was colonized by the Spaniards, which is a chip on our shoulders even to these days. Then when Spain’s dictator Francisco Franco faced the long civil war, many Spaniards flew to Mexico. We embraced them all, and we had a nickname for them, “gachupines.” No, it wasn’t derogatory, it’s just the Mexican way. Most of them opened mini-markets selling Spanish products like canned sardines, olives and the like. They called the stores “ultramarinos,” as they came from beyond the ocean. Will we welcome them again? Yes, for sure! Specially if they come loaded with Euros. Hahahaha…

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