Local Resort Obtains Award

 Local Resort Obtains Award

Zadun, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, located in Puerto Los Cabos, was awarded the National 2021 Noldi Schreck Award. Noldi Schreck is a prestigious Mexican architect which created the award to promote the best in architectural and interior design in Mexico. Awarded properties also have to be sustainable and good for the environment and human life. The Zadun is a luxurious resort with 40 ocean view two-story buildings, banquet rooms commercial area, restaurants, bars, spa, gym, kids club and several pools. 

UPDATE 12/4/2021: We had incorrectly stated before that Zadun was located in La Ribera on the East Cape, when in fact it is located in Puerto Los Cabos.


  • You guys have to do better , these kinds of sloppy journalism keep happening with the gringo gazette, this resort is 30 miles south of la Ribera

    • 30 miles south. Can you be more specific Troy?

  • Hello,
    Looks like a interesting project, I was the founder of Cabo Glorieta in Cabo San Lucas and was the designer and builder a few years ago? Made a Budject up that would last for many yrs to
    come? Designed our buildings to be earth quake proof? I Spent 14yrs in Cabo
    Thanks for the invite,
    Michael Mosdell
    Vancouver Island , Canada

  • I enter my comments above!

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