Two New Stores Coming to Los Cabos

 Two New Stores Coming to Los Cabos

Sanborn’s at The House of Tiles, Mexico City. Built in the 16th Century.

The Sanborn’s stores are famous in many major cities in Mexico and one of them will open in Cabo San Lucas next to Soriana’s next year. It’s a coffee shop Denny’s style, but with much better food. It specializes in Mexican favorites like green and red enchiladas and molletes, which are small baguettes filled with beans and cheese gratin with pico de gallo salsa on top. Their coffee is better than Dennys’ (well, any coffee is better than Denny’s!). The coffee shop comes along with a store featuring clothing, toys, books, candies and lots more. The second store is DAX, which specializes in ladies’ cosmetics and home products like kitchenware, bedware, towels, gifts and decorative items. This will be the third DAX in the state as there are already two of them in La Paz, and they are very popular.

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