Tourist Development Group to Stop Developing

 Tourist Development Group to Stop Developing

Grupo Questro, Los Cabos largest developer, has announced that it will stop building more resorts in Los Cabos. And, on top of that, it has abandoned the project to move part of the fourlane between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose a few miles up the mountains. Eduardo Sanchez Navarro, Grupo Questro’s CEO, said that Los Cabos’ massive development has to rest and the group will focus their efforts on their projects south of Acapulco. Stay tuned.


  • Could you please write a more detailed article on why Grupo Questro Los Cabos is not going to build any more in Cabo. Do they feel the area is too built up? Are there construction issues? What does take a rest mean? There seems to be much building going on-Four Seasons, more buildings at many of the other resorts. Where these developers involved with Solaz?

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