Going Fishing? There’s a Legal Limit!

 Going Fishing? There’s a Legal Limit!

Following reports on social media about some sports fishing boats catching more than the legal limit, the marine resources protection agency, accompanied by members of the Navy inspected some boats at random. The maximum catch limit per boat is: 1 Marlin, 2 Dorados (mahi-mahi) and 5 each of different species such as tuna, yellowfin and wahoo. Another no-no is fileting the fish aboard the boats. Failing to respect the rules implies a hefty fine. 


  • These limits are correct however they’re not by the boat but by licensed fisherman. Maybe you can correct your article

  • I totally agree with that. One of the biggest problems is the Shrimp Boats. Nothing gets done about them. They kill more fish and screw up the eco system and nothing ever happens to them. I live on the Pacific side. Late at night you see them close to shore dragging their crap killing everything in there path.

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