Two More Hotels Opening This Year

 Two More Hotels Opening This Year

Chable hotel

One in La Paz, and another one in Los Cabos’ East Cape. They are Amanvari Resort and Residences in La Ribera  a tad North up from the Four Seasons resort. It takes its name from the Sanskrit-derived words for “peace” and “water” and will feature a resort, private Aman Residences, multiple dining venues, Aman Spa, and its own stretch of white sand beach. Then in La Paz, the Chable Hotel will open with hotel rooms, villas and luxury residences, a huge Spa, three restaurants, meeting rooms, beach and pool. Designed by the prestigious Sordo-Madaleno architectural firm which also designed the Los Cabos Solaz resort. It goes far beyond the resorts that we are used to seeing.

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