Record Snook Caught in Cabo

 Record Snook Caught in Cabo

Surf-casting guide Wesley Brough caught a 51.3 pound Pacific white snook off the beach in Cabo San Lucas in a late evening last week, breaking the record set in 2004 of a 47.8 pounder, also caught in Cabo. It was a 50 inch long critter and Brough could not find a certified scale at that hour, so he took the fish home, buried it on ice and waited until morning the next day. The snook was weighed at Minerva’s Tackle, a certified IGFA weigh fishing store in downtown Cabo San Lucas and is waiting for certification of the record by the IGFA when they receive the fishing line, photos and other documents that are required.


  • I can imagine how much mercury and toxins that giant fish has.

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