Los Cabos Resort Disappears

 Los Cabos Resort Disappears

Remember the Bermuda Triangle?


Well, I may be exaggerating a bit. The Solaz, a Marriott Luxury Collection resort on the Los Cabos tourist corridor, shut down unexpectedly. The 34-acre complex, which includes a hotel, timeshare and residences, opened in 2018 and has made world news as one of the top resorts in Mexico. Unexpectedly, the resort notified its guests they had to move out, helped them get new digs, canceled its reservations system at the Marriot website and abandoned its own website. At first, the rumor was that they had shut down due to a COVID-19 outbreak, but Lilzi Orci, president of the Hotel Association, came forward and stated that the resort was closing due to a remodeling project that will take about two years to finish. Other rumors were that the hotel’s infrastructure was in peril and the owners didn’t want to take the chance of anyone getting hurt. 

Then came the official statement from Olarena.com, the parent company’s website. The owners are a group of wealthy tomato growers in the state of Sinaloa, right across the sea of Cortes from Los Cabos. The statement reads: “The current circumstances prevent us to forecast a panorama of certitude or normality and present us with a huge challenge to offer our services with the high standards of excellence that we are known for. For that reason, we have decided to take a complete, temporary break. Our intention is to build new rooms, residences and in general an expansion of the resort to enter a new stage for Solaz; at the same time, we will do some remodeling jobs and reinforce the infrastructure of the existing buildings, always with the intention to offer incomparable experiences to our residents, members and guests. We will be opening our doors again as soon as possible.” 


  • Thanks for carrying this story.
    Call centers have been impossible to get thru on and emails not returned.
    So big question – short term stuck with airfare and how can they squeeze everyone who is cancelled into Hacienda Del Mar as promised.
    And long term… expensive investment you cannot use.

    • Hi,

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      We are experienced in serving Resorts with Rescissions of Contract and other negotiations. We will legally serve the Resort in the presence of a Notary Public or Commercial Notary, who will verify all documents, witness the serving, noting the date, time, where, who is present, how the documents are received, and then provide a full written report for your records that can be used in case further legal action is needed.

      In this case, we have supplied our services to quite a few Solaz timeshare owners providing the services as described above. I think we may be able to help you with the serving and the notice to request the rescission of your contract. As more and more owners are making the decision to rescind, Time is of the Essence.

      If you wish to contact us, we can give you our opinion at that time. It is important to note that most Resorts require legal notice to be given at the address of that Resort. In this case, it is directly at the Solaz Resort. In the event, that you want to take further action it is important that you start with a solid legal foundation. We provide this. Call or write us for options.

      Contact me at: alanthiers@earthlink.net or 949-226-7203 or Cabo number 52-624-110-3223.

    • There are SIGNIFICANT issues with the substandard concrete used. Major cracks in foundation etc. doubt it has been fixed.

  • I was at the resort yesterday, 7/15/21, and spoke with the security guard at the front gate. I asked him if the rumor was that there was major structural damage and if this was true. His response was absolutely! There were sounds of jackhammers in the background…

  • Great article—why not a follow up on what owners are to do. The governing officials should act on this as no one will want to buy a timeshare in Cabo if they think the resort they are staying in may fall down.

    Not putting GIF outlets in the bathrooms of some of the resorts (electrical safety) is one thing but ?? not anchoring foundations to bedrock is a totally different situation.

    • GFE

  • I’m a timeshare owner – should I just stop paying? I purchased in March, 2021. I stayed in the hotel section down by the water and enjoyed it, but if I’m not going to be able to use my timeshare portion I think I want a refund????

  • We too are timeshare owners and have been unable to get any response from the resort. Is there any financial remedy or contract cancellation & refund possible due to this major issues?

    • hey its brad from National, In asia just saw this out of the blue.. how are you?

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