Please Do Not Fly Drones Over Birds Nests

 Please Do Not Fly Drones Over Birds Nests

From April to August, the Least Terns (Sternula antillarum), which are a protected species, come to Los Cabos to breed and lay their eggs in the sand, very close to the ocean. Their nests are being protected by local organizations, who fence the area to protect them from predators, mostly dogs, as well as from people that still drive their ATV’s on the beach, which is a no-no. Lately some drones have been seen flying over the beach near the estuary in San Jose. This practice scares off the least terns, which are mating like there’s no tomorrow. Please avoid using your drones over the beach specially if you a fenced area. Thank you.


  • I looked for an article on flying drones under 250g (toys) but could not find any. Can a tourist bring a drone into Cabo?

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