Air Canada Returns to Los Cabos

 Air Canada Returns to Los Cabos

After a suspension of flights of over three months, when we lost flights from Air Canada, Air Transat, Sunwing, Swoop Airlines and WestJet, our dear Canucks will fly again to Los Cabos.

Air Canada will be the first one as they have announced new flights from Calgary starting on May 3, flying on Monday, Thursday and Friday. 


  • There won’t be a single person on those flights unless the communist Canadian government ends the $3,000/person forced quarantine in a COVID Jail on their return

    • Ralph: Unfortunately, the Canadian communists ( Justine T, Ms Tam included) DO NOT care about the citizenry- they have crushed the economy/driven many into poverty and yet they just keep going with this ‘Plandemic’ hysteria… If people haven’t figured out this whole thing is a fraud/fake BY NOW, they never will- Canadians are freakishly obedient but not too bright!

  • You can book a 3 day Quarantine hotel in Calgary at the Best Western Fremont for $720 for 2 occupants.

    • Yeah, right

  • I don’t see any flights direct from yyc to sjd….might want to check it out!

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