Local Fire Department Needs Help

 Local Fire Department Needs Help

Last year, our Cabo San LucasFire Department (CSLFD) provided 1,500 ambulance services to our local residents and tourists. Fire departments throughout Mexico are not supported by the government, which only provides them with a meager amount of money to pay basically for fuel. Most of the staff is non-paid volunteers and are supported by donations and the sale of their paraphernalia in the local station’s store, located across from McDonald’s in downtown Cabo. They are now working on obtaining the  necessary funds to acquire a most needed defibrillator. If you find in your heart to help, you can contact the Comandante Juan Carbajal through his Facebook page: www.facebook.com/comandantecsl

Help Them Save Lives!


  • How much does a defibrillator cost in Cabo? I shop at your store butcwould like to help more.

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