Spring Break is Here!

 Spring Break is Here!

Starting today, February 27 and until April 10, young Spring Breakers will be landing in Cabo for a week of fun. Although the hotels can only operate at 50% of their capacity and bars with no food service are still closed, popular Medano beach expects a good affluence of college kids – and better sales. No live music will be allowed due to the pandemic – allegedly because it attracts crowds – but a good DJ can make a great party. Enjoy Cabo!


  • I hope these kids wear masks! I am glad they are coming down, But they could ruin this for all of us if they do not follow the rules. I was at the marina a week ago and very disappointed at the large groups walking around with out masks, and in marina restaurants in large groups.

    Please be safe, it only takes 1 person to infect 20 or more people

  • Wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart. Yeah, right, Take off your damn mask. If you don’t have symptoms, you don’t have enough of the virus to infect others. It’s common sense. You can have the vaccine and still test positive and still pass onto others? If the mask worked then why would you need to social distance. If the test worked, why would you need to wear a mask? If the vaccine worked, why would you need to do any of this? People need to take off their mask and get on with their life. 99.9% have nothing to worry about.

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