The Los Cabos East Cape Tourist Development is Growing!

 The Los Cabos East Cape Tourist Development is Growing!

From the Cabo Pulmo marine national park to La Ribera, there are 18 tourist projects approved to build residences and hotels. Three non-governmental eco-minded organizations (Niparajá, Rare and Friends for Cabo Pulmo Conservation) are warning the government that these developments will put enormous pressure on our water table and may pollute those pristine areas. The projects are: Cabo Riviera; La Capilla; El Anhelo; Mayan Place; Fraccionamiento Marejada; Playa La Rivera; Misión Buenavista; Cabo Cortés (or Cabo Dorado); Caballo de Viento; Castillos de Arena; Cabo del Este; Grand Coral; Costa Buenavista; Lighthouse Point; Rancho del Sol; Costa Coral; Cabo Vinorama and Boca Salada. Once finished, they will add 75,000 more rooms and homes to the area. Stay tuned.


  • What / who are your sources for this information? Many of these names of projects sound like existing or now-defunt projects. How did you calculate the 75,000 rooms? How many hotel rooms exist now in the greater Cabo area?

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