Pedestrian Arrested for Not Wearing Mask

 Pedestrian Arrested for Not Wearing Mask

The use of masks in Southern Baja is mandatory, in an attempt to reduce the number of contagium. In La Paz, the Malecon (boardwalk) is closed to pedestrians until the number of infections decreases. However, a young man managed to enter and do some jogging. When a female police officer tried to stop him he shoved her off. Back-up was called and he was arrested for 24 hours, adding a $400 USD fine. In Los Cabos downtown many tourists are seen not wearing a mask in public, and nobody bothers them. We love our tourists and let them get away with some stuff, like drinking along the streets, and many Mexican residents see this is as discrimination. Please #WearMask #SaveLives. Mexican jails are not pretty. Gracias!


  • Masks are useless and harmful, as are the vaccines, and submission only encourages more tyranny, e.g., US and the UK. The restaurant side of the Malecon is open, what difference do you think closing the beach side will make? The whole thing is ridiculous and needs to end, like six months ago.

  • Is there a source for this colorful anecdote? “Managed to enter”? You mean, he crossed the street? This ferocious jogger wasn’t wearing a mask? Are joggers now required to wear masks while engaging in heavy exercise? But no, he was determined to jog on, naked to all and sundry viruses, and then he went and abused a young woman who was just trying to save lives, by shutting down the beach, which is great for your health. You manage to drag in racism and sexism, nice, you hit all the right notes. Bravo. Soon it will be #JustTakeTheDamnVaccine.

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