Mexico in the Top Three Best Places to Retire

 Mexico in the Top Three Best Places to Retire

Once again, International Living has released its report on the best places to retire in the world. Mexico took the position number 3, just under Costa Rica (No. 1) and Panama (No. 2). What International Living said, among many other reasons: “This large expat community is very welcoming to newcomers, and there is no shortage of activities, clubs, events, happy hours, and more to take part in. you can easily meet new people and make friends. Plus, because of its proximity and trade and cultural ties to the United States, you’ll find that much of what you find on store shelves, on restaurant plates, on TV, and elsewhere is familiar to you. And you have modern conveniences like a well-maintained highway network, cellphone service, highspeed internet, including fiber optic, cable and satellite TV, and any other amenity you might want.” What the Gringo Gazette says, “It’s the Weather!”


  • I never considered retiring to Mexico,but this makes me want to think more about it! I love the country and even lived in Mexico City for a little while. But does anybody know whether I can get a medical alert system to work internationally? I would love to stick with the company i use (, but I’m unsure if it would work.

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