Los Cabos Airport Will Offer Covid-19 Tests

 Los Cabos Airport Will Offer Covid-19 Tests

GAP, the group that operates twelve International airports in Mexico’s Pacific, including our very own Los Cabos International, revealed that it will deploy temporary labs in all of their airports to offer PCR or Antigen Covid-19 tests.

The labs will begin to be installed as of this Monday January 25 in Los Cabos, Guadalajara, Tijuana, Puerto Vallarta, Guanajuato, Hermosillo, Mexicali, Morelia, La Paz, Aguascalientes, los Mochis and Manzanillo. The cost of the Antigen test will be 450 pesos (about $23 bucks) and 1,450 pesos (about $75 bucks) for the PCR test. Plan ahead!


  • How do you make an appointment and guarantee you’re legit… I’m from Canada and need to know this is legit and not a scam

    • The test is made on a Lab and the responsible is the company that owns the airports (Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico). So, IT’S NOT A SCAM.

  • Is the Covid or PCR REQUIRED at these airports?

  • Clarification please – is the Covid or PCR testing simply offered as an OPTION OR is it REQUIRED?
    Is it required for each adult and INCLUDES each child traveling through one of these airports?
    If it is required that children get tested – is this test to be given at the same time as their parents in the airport?

    • Option, is not required for using/traveling to this airports…
      It is required when you return to your country
      USA: antigen
      Canada: PCR
      Airport is just offering you an option at economic prices or in case you don’t know the city and look for a Lab.

  • Jeff,

    The cover test is required to return to the United states. The Antigen test is acceptable you need the test EVEN if you have been vaccinated. $450 pesos or roughly $25 USD is a good price, the local hospitals want close to $105 USD or more. If you are staying at a major resort some are offering the test for free or at a reduced rate, the RIU has stated the Antigen test will be only $30 USD

  • Are the results immediately?

  • PCR test requires hours to be completed, which is required for Canadian travelers.
    This would require extra trip to the airport 72 hours prior of departure.
    Antigen test which is accepted for USA travelers is rapid test results within 20 minutes. Assuming, we will see hundreds of people lining up at the airport to get tests done.
    Where can you schedule the test at airport?

  • Hola!

    Def a lot more info needed on this!

    Please update with news report on jan 25-26th to inform Once testing is set up and operational! Are appts needed? Are Walk-ups offered?

    What is turnaround time for PCR TEST to get results? Can we get tested PCR -same day as flight? If so, How many hours prior to flight is recommended to get Results in time?

    Also what happens if you test POSITIVE at airport? What is process? Obviously you need to inform airline that you are not flying and cancel flight as you are going to be isolating 14 days. You will need to arrange accommodations for 14 days.

    This i already know but can you take a taxi from airport to your new accommodations or is there a place near airport you are required to quarantine at?

    If you can’t take taxi with positive result, can you rent a car to your quarantine accommodations? Many ppl have planned a place to quarantine if positive. Will it be up to the traveller to decide where to quarantine?

    After quarantine period is over and if you are still Healthy , no symptoms…. then what?? Do you require to find a doctor to clear you With note for new flight on 15th day? Or can you board with Only the proof of past infection (14-90 days) ? This question is for Canadians and Americans as Canadians don’t qualify for antigen testing.

  • Is this SJD or Cabo airport?

    • SJD is the Los Cabos airport, they are one and the same!

  • some great extra info here in the comments- the original Gringo Gazette post was woefully short on details. So, now I know that the antigen testing is OK for the US return but not for Canada. I don’t know what the lines are going to be like or what the procedure is but I will find out soon as I am flying down early February. It would be great if people could post additional info based on their personal experience and trying to get this done at the airport…? Says 20 minutes for turnaround so I’m assuming that folks will get an email or some sort of electronic confirmation of the results of their test? DETAILS POR FAVOR

  • I spoke with Westjet this morning for travelers returning to or flying to Canada. They told me that all their updated information will be at

    They also told me, that if anyone has a positive test result, taken between 14 and 90 days before departure, and has recovered, that it can be shown at the airport INSTEAD of getting a PCR test done. I confirmed and re-confirmed with them to be sure, as I fall under this category.

    If you fall under this category, print your positive test results and have them ready at the airport. As long as you and your paperwork fall under the guidelines of that link you will board.

    • I also contacted PRMEDICA Inc. (office: {+52} 624 688 8497. Today their price is $155.00 usd for the PCR test. Call a day or two in advance to get an appointment (for the next day).
      Your results will take a day and a half to be returned to you. Plan ahead if you want this service to get your results before boarding.
      The office I called is located beside Freshco (sp).

  • Had any one used this service yet?
    Is a great idea my concern is getting there and there is a hiccup that delays the test timing with in the 72 hours.
    I wonder what the timing is?
    If it’s three days, that will mean traveling three days early, taking the test and paying Cabo hotel costs for three days.
    Any one?

  • I fly home tomorrow and went to the airport yesterday morning a 10:30am. Only a few in line. We waited for results and were done at 11:30. They have printouts for you and emailed results. Terminal 2, door 4, on left. $25 USD FOR antigen test, nasal swab..

    • Thanks Steve That sounds like the way to go!

    • Thanks Steve. VERY helpful. Now I know where to go.

  • Anyone know the hours of operation for the Antigen Test at SJD?

    • Can anyone confirm that the Los cabo airport offer PCR testing?

      • I went to airport today and yes they do PCR Covid test for 1450 pesos

        • Hi Mike, or anyone:
          What was the turn around time for receiving PCR test results and are they emailed to you? Also, is there a phone number I need to call to make an appointment? Thank you in advance for a reply from anyone as I can’t find an internet link to these airport services. Regards, Jim… from Canada

  • Turnaround time 1/2 hour. They are emailed to you. No appointment needed. In and out quickly yesterday.

    • Thanks Linda. I assume that was the required Antigen test (for USA) and not the PCR Molecular test that I need for Canada (the more expensive $75 test). Nice to hear no lineup. Thanks for replying 👍

    • Does anyone know if you can take the test the day you are flying out, a few hours before you depart.?
      Thank you

      • I was wondering the same. Did you ever get an answer?

  • Kristin,
    I heard from tourist information, hotels and resorts giving them free, also at the airport with results 30-60 min 25$, easy antigen tests

  • Hello,

    I am going to Los Angeles next Thursday. Can some tell me if the tests at the airport is still being provided and how long (hours) before my flight should I be at the airport. Thanks so much!

    Best, Chris

  • Here is some more details
    Cabo Airport Testing


    This is the questionnaire to fill out and it gives you a QR code they will want so take a screen shot on your phone
    There is no need to make an appointment before hand but give yourself 48 hours from your departure date just incase but it usually comes earlier (they mention this a lot)
    Antigen testing you can get before your flight as the turn around time is 45 minutes (not for Canadians unless they have a stop over in the USA for the night or plan to walk/drive across border you will need a PCR test from the US (not México)

    On the form
    Where it says settlement put a . (Period-
    the boxes have to be entered with something if it doesn’t apply to you)
    Canadian postal code I believe was 12345
    as letters didn’t work use numbers

    Vancouver Airport
    Arrive Canada App fill it out as well they want to see this


    Then this form


    Vancouver airport no one realizes there’s a lab on way out just before you exit and it needs your info
    You could preregister if you want or they will do it for you


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