Humpback Whale Rescued

 Humpback Whale Rescued

Right in the middle of Cabo San Lucas bay, a humpback whale was reported as tangled in a fishing net. Shrimpers from Ensenada and Japan constantly roam the Pacific ocean, throwing looong gill nets that catch almost anything, from shrimp to tuna to sharks and sea turtles. Sometimes, whales get entangled too and due to their size and strength they get away but some get entangled, having trouble to swim and may die. Fortunately, we have a Whale Disentanglement Network (RABEN, for their name in Spanish), formed by trained volunteer divers and eco-minded individuals. They rushed to the rescue and after two hours of work, the whale was able to swim away. Whales are so nice and patient that they let these boys and girls to work on the net without a whim. Sometimes, as they swim away, they jump up and down to say Thank You! The participants this time were Carlos Godinez (CONANP), Daniel Muñoz y Jorge Negrete (PROFEPA), Oscar Ortiz (Elements of Baja), Juan Alonso Montaño y Víctor Astorga.


  • If only laws and regulations were enforced and followed in Mexico. Sigh…..

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