Do Not Cancel Nor Postpone Your Trip To Cabo!

 Do Not Cancel Nor Postpone Your Trip To Cabo!

The Southern Baja state’s secretary of tourism announced with grand fanfare that most of Los Cabos hotels will be offering Covid-19 tests (PCR or Antigen) in their own establishments, as of January 26, the deadline set up by the CDC. As an option, a list of hospitals and clinics that are able to provide tests will be published shortly and we will share it with you, our Loyal Reader. Stay tuned! In the meantime, here’s one option above.


  • There are also 2 Cabo GoMart Stores that will have a doctor and or nurse administering the tests as well. One store in Tezal and one across from The El Mercado.
    It will be a less expensive option.

  • This is a ripoff price I don’t believe you try to make money from COVID 19 I am a infectious disease specialist you really need to give front line people free test

  • Too expensive. My property manager told me there are tests given at the H+ hospital (where ever that is) for $66usd for the antigen test; that’s probably all you need.

    • Only PCR or LAMP test results are acceptable for return to Canada, we heard of a couple being refused boarding with out one of these two types.

  • Any information on where COVID testing (pcr or antigen) will be available in La Paz and La Ventana for returning to the US?

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