Man in the Water! Man in the Water!

 Man in the Water! Man in the Water!

A humpback whale accidentally hit a boat and caused a man to fall overboard a few weeks ago, and footage of the accident is making the event viral on the web. Tourist Lou Boyer was flying his drone from the Solmar beach when a humpback whale, her calf and an “escort” whale were swimming very close to the boat and a man in a pink shirt tried to touch the calf, which is not unusual. Passengers on the boat moved to one side, causing the boat to tilt and the man fell to the ocean. It seems that the whale briefly nudged the boat too. The man was rescued and Boyer has left video proof for history.


  • You didn’t mention that the boat gashed the whale and caused it to bleed. All those boats were rushing in far too close, which is not legal or moral. Please respect the animals and the laws.

  • Cool!!!

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