Visit our Mining Towns!

 Visit our Mining Towns!

North of Todos Santos and past the East Cape, our Southern Baja state has two old mining towns inhabited each by less than 500 people. San Antonio and El Triunfo.

It is a great place to hike from one town to the next and enjoy the Sierra de la Laguna. El Triunfo is the most popular of the two, with an abandoned mine, a smokestack called “La Ramona” after Saint Raymond, on whose feast day the project was completed on, a museum named The Silver Route Museum, a Piano museum, a wonderful restaurant “Café El Triunfo.” Both towns were established in the late 1700’s and silver and gold were discovered in 1862. Miners from the U.S. and Mexico moved to the area creating a gold rush. Many of the original buildings have been restored. Rent a Car, get a map and go! It’s a great one day trip.

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