New Boutique Hotel to Open in La Paz

 New Boutique Hotel to Open in La Paz

Casa de Las Perlas. Photo by Vicky Reyes / courtesy Grupo HABITA

Built by HABITA group, the Casa de Las Perlas (House of Pearls) 32-room boutique hotel will be opening before the end of the year. Located on the Malecon between 5 de Mayo street and the alley, it occupies an old house built in the 1910’s which was named Casa de Las Perlas because its original owner used to dive to find shells with pearls, an activity that was very important in those days. It features a rooftop bar with ocean view, pool, Spa, a coffee shop and restaurant.


  • A rather unappetizing photo announcement ..Looks like a well dressed jail cell poor advertising this is a shame ….

    • Your life is a shame Morgan

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