Let’s Get out of Cabo!

 Let’s Get out of Cabo!

Villa del Faro, Vinorama.

A ride up the Sea of Cortez on the East Cape coast road could be quite inspiring and invigorating. Grab your surfboard or just an umbrella and venture out! The road is slow but in good shape and has been recently graded at least part of the way.

The coastline is stunning and there are numerous great places to graze along your trek as well – all with gorgeous views. About 16 miles (25km) north on the coast from the San Jose Marina is Playa Fortuna. Traveling another 5 miles (8 km) of beautiful coastline you arrive at Playa Nine Palms which is another surfing hang out. Wandering still north another 6 miles (9.5 km) is Playa Vinorama. Perched gracefully overlooking the beach and surf is Vidasoul Restaurant, Bar and Hotel, a little further north is the exquisite Villa del Faro hotel. At this point, there are a few decisions to continue your journey. Since Vinorama is at the “crossroads” of the coast road and the Calle Eucalipto road, you have some options. If you travel up the coast, the road meanders through Los Frailes Bay, Cabo Pulmo (Mexican protected reef and lovely museum) and then to La Ribera and Highway 1 (approx.16 miles/25km). The Palo Escopeta road will take you back to Santa Anita (15.5 miles/25 km) and to Highway 1 near the San Jose international airport. Enjoy!

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