• November 26, 2020

Bisbee’s Offshore Tournament Breaks Two Record

 Bisbee’s Offshore Tournament Breaks Two Record

The Los Cabos Offshore marlin tournament shattered both attendance records and the total payout amount.  The two-day event awarded eight of the 127 participating teams with its 769 anglers from around the world $1,457,000, breaking the enviable MILLION-DOLLAR mark for the second year in a row throughout its 20-year history. Sporty Game with team members Steve Kaiser, George Landrum, Captain Dan Lewis, Filipe Robles, Carlos Rodriguez, mate, and Jacob Rodriguez, received $837,816 for the Largest Billfish, a black marlin weighing 514-pounds. The World’s Richest tournament, the Bisbee Black & Blue will begin tomorrow, October 20 to the 24th. Good luck to all!


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