We’re Coming Out of Isolation!

 We’re Coming Out of Isolation!

The Los Cabos hotel association has announced some hotels and primarily timeshare resorts are taking reservations for June. Mayor Armida Castro has stated she would like to resume commercial activities, although under some not-yet released restrictions. In Los Cabos, about 80 percent of workers are unemployed at this point or working for half salary or even less.

Hotels and restaurants are launching special deals. The Viceroy resort, for example, is offering a 20 percent discount on room rates if you book and prepay your future vacations now. The best Japanese restaurant in Cabo, Daikoku, is selling “bonuses,” more like gift coupons that you can use for personal consumptions at a later date this year. There is a plan to open downtown restaurants and allow them to set up tables and chairs on the sidewalk to allow people to come and dine, maintaining social distancing. Oh, and wearing masks, lifting them up only to sip on your mango margarita. In short, Los Cabos might be back in business in June. On the U.S. side, President Donald Trump has announced a lift on social distancing restrictions as of today, which will surely lead to allow traveling abroad. Cabo will be ready for you, that’s for sure, so start booking now!

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