Today is The Best Time to Invest in Los Cabos

 Today is The Best Time to Invest in Los Cabos

I made my first trip to Cabo when I was 13 years old. I came to visit my sister who was working at the Hacienda Hotel situated in Cabo San Lucas, near to “The Arch,” also known as the Land’s End where the Ocean Pacific meets the Sea of Cortez.

My parents took me to the airport and accompanied me to the boarding gate where my father introduced me to a passenger, a very friendly Torero who was taking the same flight with a stop in Mazatlán. He was going to keep an eye on me.

I will never forget the words of my father at the airport: “Make sure you don’t stay in Mazatlán, your destiny is Los Cabos, Mexico” and here I am, enjoying my own piece of sanctuary home.

I have been working in the real estate industry for 20 years. I feel grateful, blessed, lucky, and fortunate to have experienced jobs at the most prestigious luxury hotels and developments widely recognized as the leaders in world-class residential and resort services.

Day by day, step by step, and now I am proudly representing Remax Cabo Sanctuary with the most familiar, profitable, and sellable listings in our community including San Jose del Cabo, Touristic Corridor & Cabo San Lucas, Ladera, Pedregal, Cabo del Sol, Quivira, Ventanas Cabo, Vista Vela, Club Campestre San Jose, Querencia, Puerto Los Cabos and  Palmilla.

I love offering service and a warm welcome to our visitors, showing them the natural beauties of Los Cabos, and helping them decide if they want to become Happy Home Owners. Every single residence has its own story and spirit.

My objective is to help you find the perfect retirement home, which can also be rented for income if you choose so. You will be impressed with the large diversity of Los Cabos real estate, the many luxury hotels along with the superb grocery stores and well-known brands such as Walmart, Costco, FedEx, UPS, Office Depot/Max, and excellent private hospitals.

And, perhaps a deciding factor for many, Los Cabos is fully served by low-cost fiber optic internet service, superb cellular service with low rates along with North American roaming (Canada, USA, and Mexico) from Telcel, AT&T, and others, with both US and Canadian satellite TV services available.

Why NOW is a good time to invest?

Lowest interest rates in the U.S. and Mexico will provide the cheapest mortgages in centuries. When people start to travel, they will do fewer long trips and that will help Cabo due to its proximity to the U.S. Traveling to Mexico has never been as cheap as now (weak peso). Property values will be or already are in the lowest value decades. Good deals all over! Cabo has the largest amount of high-end hotels in the world. Los Cabos is very low populated and has a great climate.

After all this, A LOT of people will start thinking to change their lives to places outside crowds. Working from home has become a trend that will NOT leave. Anybody will be able to work from anywhere. Rental returns remain in USD in most of the market above $150,000 USD. We still have the lowest property taxes in the world.

Additionally: Quality of Life: Homeowners enjoy spectacular scenarios, sunsets, landscapes, desert, mountains, golfing, fishing, whale watching, fishing, water sports, art, music, and unforgettable memories.

Best Beaches: Lovers Beach, Divorce Beach, Pedregal, Medano Beach, Santa Maria, Chileno, Cabo Real, Palmilla, La Playita.

Safety: This area is one of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico, and therefore, public safety is well funded and crime rates are low.

Cabo San Lucas is famous for its incredible nightlife style, gourmet restaurants, with a beautiful Marina while San Jose del Cabo is considered a quieter, family-oriented and cultural town with friendly, authentic, and local residents.

Weather: Dry and warm most of the year, with a short rainy season in late summer and early fall, the worst-case scenario will be to enjoy 11 months of outdoor spaces and activities.

Flights: Superb daily flight service to a large number of U.S. and Canadian cities and a direct flight from Europe. The Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) serves most commercial flights, while the smaller Cabo San Lucas International Airport (CSL) serves mainly private flights.

Facilities: Easy access to Supermarkets, Hospitals.

Safety: Los Cabos is one of the safest municipalities in both Baja California Sur and in Mexico.

Owning Property in Mexico: Foreign citizens who wish to buy property within designated regions of Mexico are required to obtain a “Fideicomiso” or bank trust which functions as your property title. In 1994, amendments to the Constitution permitted foreigners to purchase and own real estate in Mexico located within the restricted zone, which is all land within 60 miles of a national border and 30 miles of the Coast.  This provision covers all land in Los Cabos. Overseeing the integrity of the closing process is essential.  It requires effective and transparent communication between the parties involved in the closing to optimize the progress in a timely manner.

On a side note, there is significant activity along the East Cape (the Gulf of California coastal area extending northward from San Jose del Cabo).

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