Making A Difference

 Making A Difference

In These Challenging Times


There are many organizations that are helping and making a difference for the less fortunate in Los Cabos. Some of the groups are “Unite for the Love of Cabo”, “Heart4Cabo” (Corazon Por Cabo), “The Other Side of Cabo” which is a 501C3 non-profit organization in the U.S., and Cabo Church.

Unite for the Love of Cabo is a community group on Facebook. Their goal is to share what they are doing in the Los Cabos area to help those in need during these challenging times, bring awareness to their cause and encourage assistance from individuals and businesses.

Unite for the Love of Cabo works with approximately 50 children and their families on the not-so-fortunate-side of Cabo. Food is delivered to families in the most need. Their main mission is to feed the families and especially the children of our communities.

A group of women started this endeavor in the hopes of making a difference. They are supported by small groups of local friends and families and by local businesses. They use social media to promote the cause. 

To assist Unite for the Love of Cabo, Sancho Panza Kitchen & Lounge Restaurant, located on Route 1 towards San Jose del Cabo from San Lucas, is accepting donations of food and other basic necessities as well as dog food. Donations may be made Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. They are located next to the Santa Carmela Market. They are also available by phone on +52 624-122-0824.

They would like to thank their financial supporters who make it possible to continue to feed the children. Due to social distancing, things are done differently now. The meals are still being prepared and the children are given their meals to take home and eat. Two of their kitchens are on temporary hold now, but 12 other kitchens are continuing to supply meals at this time.

The priority is to make sure the children are fed. They can be reached at

Also on board for over five years is Heart4Cabo, founded by Rick Antillion. They helped Los Cabos after Hurricane Odile and have now created a support group for people that need prayer or have any immediate or special upcoming needs. They collectively work together as one large heart. Anyone is allowed to join this group. Their mission statement includes: the pursuit of love and service to others, improve the welfare of the people, and meet needs and grow the cause.

One day each week food is delivered to the barrios thanks to the valiant volunteers and generous financial partners. The families that receive the donations are very thankful and proud people and want to go back to work. The volunteers always relay they will be back again next week, and as many weeks as needed hoping the families have some peace knowing that more food would be delivered. Support for Heart4Cabo is available by Paypal at, or reaching out to Donations are tax-deductible through a 501C3 if desired.

Another organization is The Other Side of Cabo. Founders Teresa and John Bodle’s primary residence is in Tennessee, but they also own a home at Puerta de Hierrro, near Home Depot in Cabo. Teresa grew up in the poverty of Juarez, Mexico, so she has a strong understanding of the challenges the children and their families face daily. Some of the daily necessities are missing that others more fortunate don’t think about. Even in challenging times, many more fortunate find a quick solution due to resources that the less fortunate do not have.

Teresa and her husband John work with approximately fifty kids on the other side of Cabo away from the tourists. In addition to keeping their families fed, parents have two goals – to teach their children English and help them succeed in graduating from high school so they have a better chance of escaping poverty. 

With the pandemic, The Other Side of Cabo is also supplying food and cash to help families survive through these times of uncertainty. If you wish to inquire or contribute to The Other Side of Cabo, you may reach out to them at +52 615-971-1047 (Bilingual)  or +52 615-896-7717. They can also be accessed through their website – and by email at

Cabo Church, by faith and through virtual technology, are continuing to operate. They continue Feed Los Cabos Kids Ministry with upwards of 8,000 meals per month provided to the underserved and disadvantaged children and families of Los Cabos. The parents now pick up the food and take it home for the children to prevent large gatherings of people at the kitchen sites. The demand is increasing exponentially due to resort closures and the shutdown of the tourism industry in which many normally work.

Cabo Church is a Mexican religious association and not sponsored by any outside entity or denomination. They rely solely on the generosity of individuals and groups that wish to help. They can be reached at Senior Pastor Michael Galles and his wife Laura along with the entire Cabo Church staff wish you health and safety during this time.