Letters To The Editor

 Letters To The Editor

It would appear there are many not taking this virus seriously. If you’ve driven by the banks yesterday or today you will see locals lined up around the building with little distance behind them. Why are the police or bank employees not monitoring this? They’re currently driving around with nothing to do! And I see the buses are still running. How many people are allowed on each bus? Tourist have been asking what we are doing in Cabo to prevent the spread. We’re doing great in some areas and horrific in others. If the spread is here because of ignorant arrogant people then there won’t be any tourist coming back anytime soon and it’ll be the last time we’ll have any ignorant people waiting at bank lines because none of us will have a job. Banorte is doing a great job though with X marks the spot tape on the ground and only allowing one person in the bank at a time. Sincerely, Jim White.


  • I am not sure whether this is the right place to write a note about the absolute kindness of people here but I wanted to write a note to the two gentlemen that helped us out today when we “stupidly “ got ourselves stuck at East Cape Yes Gringos like us. Towed us out of a sandpit with smiles all around and refusing to take any $ for their trouble. Yes we are in paradise with kindness all around. Thank you Fred and Dave. THANK YOU!

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