How To Stay Busy Inside During COVID-19

 How To Stay Busy Inside During COVID-19

In all hopes, in Los Cabos, we will soon see the restaurants reopen, the fabulous water activities available again, along with tourists and locals walking the beach and the beautiful piers of the marinas. 

Meanwhile, if social distancing has you stuck inside and going a bit stir crazy, there are several activities you can do to pass the time and keep yourself grounded.

Some enjoyable things to do while at home are to take a virtual class, start a craft project, do puzzles, play games, bake or cook something special or read a good book. You may even consider starting an indoor garden or tackle a home improvement job.

There are many free classes online. Just google virtual classes and you will find options. One of the key sites is Yellow Circle at They offer technological education for people around the world through technology boot camps, mentorship programs and internship opportunities, which can all be accomplished through a computer lab platform.

Find a small arts and crafts supply store in your area and start a craft project. One of the best advantages of a small business is that the employees are extremely passionate about their area of expertise. They’ll likely be helpful with ideas for your project and assist you with selecting the most appropriate supplies. You can also look around your residence or resort for craft items. Plants, shells and stones may be used to make wonderful arrangements.  

Putting together puzzles, playing board games and card games are fun interactive activities. They also put your brain to work which is a needed stimulation. In Los Cabos, these can be found at Walmart and Costco along with specialty stores.

Cook or bake something special by trying new recipes. In Los Cabos, there are farmer’s markets still available to visit. You may see a list of them on our Calendar of Events. It’s an enjoyable pastime to cook something that’s outside of your regular quick meal on the run.

Read books. Reach out to your local bookstores to see how they’re handling the coronavirus outbreak. If they have limited hours or restrictions on how many people can be in the store at once, stock up on a pile of books then go home and kick back while reading an interesting adventure.

Start an indoor garden by saving seeds from vegetables such as green peppers or by purchasing seeds at your convenience and hardware stores.

Tackle a home improvement job. There may be an area of your home that you’ve been wanting to fix up. Now is the time to take that project on. Install some shelves to create a reading nook or hang a gallery wall or just repair the things that you didn’t have time to do in the past.

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