Fishing Allowed Again

 Fishing Allowed Again

At least in La Paz municipality, which includes Todos Santos, Pescadero and Elias Calles, and only for self-consumption. The La Paz Port Captain stated that sports fishing vessels are allowed to sail, with the only condition that only the captain and a sailor are onboard and that the catch is to feed their families. Yeah, right, they will go out and sell it in their barrios for a profit and then go shop at Walmart, hee, hee.

At last count last night, the Covid-19 contagion took a sharp turn for the better. 48 patients have recovered in the state, while the number of positives increased only by 10, to 213, in the past two days. It seems that contagion has slowed down and most cases are located in Los Cabos’ most populated barrios on the road to the Cabo San Lucas airport.

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