$250 Million USD Yacht Visits Us

 $250 Million USD Yacht Visits Us

Photo courtesy of Raul Villalobos

Over the weekend, Loreto had a visitor that’s hard to miss – the Liva O, a staggering 387 ft long luxury yacht, graced its waters, and whispers say it’s heading to Cabo Bay next. Launched by the renowned Abeking & Rasmussen in 2023, this floating masterpiece is a sight to behold, blending opulence and engineering marvel in equal measure.

With enough lavish space to accommodate 16 guests across 8 plush cabins and a dedicated crew of 25 to cater to every whim, cruising on the Liva O is akin to staying at a moving five-star resort. Capable of zipping through the waves at 21 knots, it’s not just about leisurely sailing; it’s about doing so with unmatched speed and style. Operating this beauty costs a pretty penny, with annual expenses running between $15-25 million USD.

Behind the helm of this extravagant vessel is Stephen Orenstein, a German-American billionaire with a storied business background, including supplying essentials to U.S. Army personnel in Afghanistan through his company, Supreme Group.

If you spot the Liva O making its grand entrance into Cabo Bay, give a friendly wave in Stephen’s direction. It’s not every day you see such a testament to luxury and adventure sailing by.