More Cruise Ships Coming This Year

 More Cruise Ships Coming This Year

Carnival Panorama

Exciting times are ahead for Baja California Sur, especially for those in the cruise tourism industry! The number of cruise ships docking at our shores is on the rise, with a leap from 200 last year to an impressive 240 this year. This uptick in arrivals signals a bustling season for both tourists and local businesses.

The Carnival Panorama, a majestic vessel carrying 4,716 passengers along with a crew of 1,450, marked the beginning of this boom when it arrived on New Year’s Day at La Paz and Cabo San Lucas. Its arrival transformed the malecon into a hive of activity, with passengers exploring the stores and restaurants, much to the delight of business owners.

La Paz, in particular, is set to experience the most significant increase, with a 30 percent jump in cruise ship arrivals. This is great news for the city, promising a boost in tourism and local economy. It’s a chance for more visitors to experience the unique charm and beauty of La Paz, while also providing a welcome boost to businesses and services catering to tourists.

Whether you’re a local gearing up for the influx of visitors or a traveler planning your next cruise destination, Baja California Sur is the place to be. With more ships setting sail for our beautiful shores, it’s going to be a lively and prosperous year for everyone involved. Let’s welcome our guests and make their stay unforgettable!