Big Development Coming to Todos Santos

 Big Development Coming to Todos Santos

There’s some buzz about a new development on the horizon, just a stone’s throw from Todos Santos. An environmental impact study recently submitted to Semarnat (Environment and Natural Resources secretariat) has unveiled plans for a project named Delek, and it’s shaping up to be quite the game-changer for the area.

Delek isn’t just a small venture; it’s a comprehensive development that’s set to include 6 hotels, 100 residences, a commercial area complete with restaurants, not just one but two beach clubs, and a whole array of amenities like pools. But that’s not all – the project also plans for water desalination plants and sewage treatment facilities, pointing towards a commitment to sustainability.

The location for Delek is prime real estate, nestled 6.5 miles north of Todos Santos in the scenic Las Playitas area. It’s an area known for its natural beauty, and this development promises to add a new dimension to the landscape.

The wheels are set to start turning in 2024, with the land preparation kicking off the first phase. From there, it’s a 10-year journey to bring the entire vision of Delek to life. It’s a long-term project, for sure, but one that holds the promise of transforming the area into a thriving hub of tourism and community.

For locals and visitors alike, Delek is a development to keep an eye on. It represents not just growth but a new opportunity for the region – blending modern amenities with the natural charm of the Todos Santos area. Here’s to watching this exciting project unfold in the coming decade!