New Condos Construction Upsets Neighbors

 New Condos Construction Upsets Neighbors

New condominiums rendering

Talk about neighborhood drama! Right behind the famed Mona Lisa, there’s a tiny plot of land that’s stirring up quite the commotion. The reason? A decision was made to construct a multistory building on this small spot. And you’d think that wouldn’t be much of an issue, right?

Well, turns out the folks living in the surrounding villas aren’t too thrilled. They’ve been quite vocal about their grievances. Their argument? This area was always meant for single-family homes. However, it looks like the current regulations don’t exactly have their back. These rules state that buildings can go up to 6 levels in the area.

And just when you thought the drama might have peaked, guess what happened? During the inaugural dig on a sunny Saturday morning, the heavy-duty machinery smacked right into a major powerline. Yikes! The entire stretch from the Mona Lisa to Punta Ballena plunged into darkness. You can just imagine the collective groan.

But in true form, the Guarda Civil made their entrance followed by CFE, ensuring the situation didn’t escalate. With a new power cord laid across the road, the lights were back on in about 2 hours. One thing’s for sure, this construction project is off to an electrifying start!