Que Pasa in Cabo?

 Que Pasa in Cabo?


Trump’s Son-in-law Eyes Los Cabos. Jared Kushner has changed his mind about developing a hotel in the Riviera Maya and appears to be focusing on Los Cabos now. According to REPORTUR, a Mexican magazine specializing in tourism, Kushner’s fund, Affinity Partners, is planning a one-billion-dollar investment in four luxury hotels in our beautiful resort destination. The location has not been disclosed. 

Snake Alert! Snake Alert! We hope that got your attention. There have been several reports of snake sightings inside homes in areas surrounded by empty lots, both in Los Cabos and La Paz. Obviously in rural areas too. Snakes hide under rocks or tree debris and get out on the hot summer days looking for food. Most of the snakes in Baja are not lethal, except rattlesnakes. Be cautious, keep your eyes open and if you find one at home, call 911 and/or your local fire department. 

September May Break Another Record. With a continuous growth of 17-18 percent, the number of national tourists may help make this September a record month, helping overcome the old status of being the month with the least tourists. Los Cabos has increased its air connectivity in recent years with national airlines flying already from 14 Mexican cities. This month Mexican tourists may exceed the number of international visitors. 

Astronomical Tourism, the Next Bet for Cabo. A local lawmaker is proposing to the state congress for approval of the term “Astronomical Tourism” for Los Cabos promotions, as we have clear skies most of the year. The Grand Velas resort is already offering honeymoon packages that include stargazing with an expert, along with helicopter rides at sunset. Will it become a trend?

Cultural Pavilion to Be Restored. Damaged badly by Hurricane Odile in 2014, Cabo San Lucas’ Cultural Pavilion has been partially restored but each new storm has continued damaging it. This year, the Los Cabos government has allocated USD 250,000 for more repairs, expecting to finish the job before yearend. This was among the reasons that the International Film Festival was cancelled this year.

It’s a Date! Cabo San Lucas Oktoberfest Announced. This year’s largest Beer fest will take place on Saturday, November 18, at the parking lot next to the cultural pavilion in Cabo San Lucas. Yes, Oktoberfest in November, just because it’s Mexico. The party will begin at 5 p.m. and continue until 1 a.m. Stay tuned.

More Tourists Doesn’t Mean More Money. According to Mexico’s Institute of Statistics, the money left behind by international tourists decreased by 2.3% in July. The average spending was USD 412.77, with those who arrived by airplane spending an average of $1,073.09 while those who arrived by land (mostly to border towns) spent only $378.72. Well, it’s summertime, most travelers this time of the year are not as wealthy as those that visit Mexico in the fall or Winter. Nothing to worry about, but now you know. 

Mexico’s Aviation Category 1 Reinstated. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said that the U.S. authorities have decided to reinstate Mexico’s Category 1 aviation safety rating. The rating was downgraded back in May 2021 after the International Civil Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations, found that Mexico was not meeting the standards set. This approval will allow Mexican airlines to add new routes to the U.S. Hoooray!

International Tourism Arrivals Keep Growing. Mexico’s secretary of tourism revealed that our country received 13,351,000 international tourists from January to July this year, an increase of 9.6% compared to 2022 and 13.3% above 2019. Los Cabos International tourist arrivals increased 15% during the same period, placing our destination among the top three in Mexico along with Cancun (number 1) and Mexico City (number 2). 

Emirates Airlines Adds Los Cabos to Partnership. Announcing a significant expansion in its codeshare partnership with United Airlines, Emirates will now offer its customers access to eight new destinations in Mexico, including Los Cabos. Emirates already flies from Dubai to Mexico City with one stop in Barcelona, Spain, and will now add Chicago and Houston to its network. We see more investment coming from the United Arab Emirates in the near future!

Southern Baja Needs Many Workers. During the month of August, the state government organized ten “Ferias del Empleo,” or Job Fairs, for those looking for a job. In only one of those, there were 122 companies and government agencies interviewing a total of 821 job seekers. Unfortunately, even though the minimum wage has almost doubled in the past 3 years, salaries remain low and people prefer to start their own businesses, even if small. A hot dog cart may earn its owner more money than a regular job can.

Pavement of Alternative Road Continues. This is the one in La Paz that starts at the Camino Real barrio at the South entrance to La Paz, and continues to the Olas Altas barrio. So far, 1,700 sq. mts. of concrete have been laid. Hurry, hurry, La Paz workers!

Huge Wave Pool Coming to Cabo. Aventuur Co., the giant behind the project, has announced that Los Cabos will be among the 11 North American destinations where a giant wave pool will be built. The company is currently working on a wave pool in Perth, Australia, which will be finished in 2025, so don’t expect the Cabo one to be opening soon. 

More Water for La Paz. Mayor Milena Quiroga announced today that the funding to build a water treatment plant to use the precious liquid from the Buena Mujer (Good Woman) dam is in process. The $9 million USD needed to provide La Paz with 75 liters per second of potable water will be sent from the federal government. Thank you!

Annual Witches Paddle Event Announced. The 4th Annual Los Barriles Witches Paddle will take place this year on Tuesday, October 31, starting at 8:30 a.m. The witch’s group will gather at Playa Norte at 8:30 a.m. and paddle towards the finish line at the Playa del Sol boutique hotel. Everyone is welcome and there’s no fee to participate! Join the group from anywhere or meet them as they descend on Playa del Sol. Information and to sign up https://bit.ly/witchespaddle

New Bridge Coming to La Ribera. Los Cabos Mayor Oscar Leggs was in La Ribera to witness the completion of a protective sand and rocks “hump” built to prevent rainwater flooding. At the event, Leggs announced the construction of a bridge over the arroyo located between Santa Cruz and La Ribera, which cannot be crossed by vehicles during a storm, thus isolating both communities.

Los Cabos Leading Mexico Resorts. The World’s luxury travel network Virtuoso has placed 14 resorts in Los Cabos on their list. They are: Chileno Bay, Four Seasons at Costa Palmas, Esperanza, Grand Velas, Las Ventanas al Paraiso, Montage, Nobu, One&Only Palmilla, Solaz, The Cape, Viceroy, Waldorf Astoria, and Zadun, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve. Congrats!