Fish Report

 Fish Report

Ann Sekizaki of Seattle, fishing with her boyfriend, Greg, and his two sons on Aug 14. They hit it big just outside the new Marina and caught a dozen Dorado in less than an hour. Eight were released!

Cabo San Lucas

Overall Catch Success
Rate: 82%

Before Hilary appeared on the horizon, the fishing had been promising.

Billfish:16%, Tuna: 33%, Dorado: 54% , Other: 6%

Although the billfish numbers are down, the list includes Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, and Sailfish.

The Top species caught were dorado averaging around 10 pounds, with many coming through. Although few topped the 30 or even the 40-pound mark, Pisces 31′ Ruthless, and Pisces 35,’ Bill Collector 2, were on our Top Boats this week.

The tuna bite slowed down, but there were still a total of 43 fish caught and one of the largest tuna of the year on the Pisces 42′ Caliente – a 160-pounder. Dorado numbers in comparison: 230 fish caught with many releases – respecting catch limits of two fish per angler. Other species caught: Roosterfish, Wahoo, Amberjack, Skipjack.


TEMPS  High 85° — Low 79°;

WIND: 13 mph; 


DEW POINT: 73°; 

PRESSURE: 29.93 in.;

WATER TEMP: 89 –92 F;

BEST LURES: live and dead caballito, cedar plugs, feathers, hoochies. 

BEST LOCATIONS: From Cerros de Arena and Los Arcos to Las Margaritas and Migrino, the 95 Spot, and Golden Gate.

Puerto Los Cabos  

Typical summer conditions with hot and humid weather greeted the light crowds of visiting anglers as tourists followed the extended weather forecasts recently, which often occurs during the peak seasonal time frame for tropical storm development during this time of year. Most guests are particularly tuned in to seasonal hurricanes’ rapid growth and strengthening, in this case, Hurricane Hilary off Mainland Mexico.

This system rapidly intensified to a Category 4 storm, passing within a couple of hundred miles west of Southern Baja. Fortunately, the eye of the storm was just far enough away from the Los Cabos area to keep disastrous effects to a minimum. Of course, on the Pacific side, Todo Santos and Guerrero Negro received more of Hilary’s blunt force.

Before the latest storm developed, a mandatory order for haul-out was given by the local Port Authorities for the Panga area, shutting down all activities from Friday through the weekend. Still, plans are to reopen operations on Monday. Since the scattered power blackouts are another thing locals are dealing with, it also means hauling the boats back into the Marina,

Local fleets had been working near Vinorama, the main activity center where the yellowfin tuna bite was centered the past few weeks. The best bet was to arrive early before the heavy pressure from the boats made the tuna even more finicky. These fish were striking on drift-fishing squid strips, ranging in size from footballs to over 80 pounds. Many fishermen working hard could land up to four or five yellowfin per boat. As the week progressed, the winds from the south increased and made conditions that much more challenging.

Nothing was going off the bottom beside a handful of triggerfish and a few dogtooth snapper. The billfish bite was spread out, though an angler landed a black marlin weighing over 300 pounds from a small panga after a 4-hour battle, and a few striped marlin were in the mix.

Some smaller-sized dorado were spotted off the marina area towards Palmilla. Also, a couple of wahoo were seen for the first time in a while, including one monster specimen that weighed in at 72 pounds, hit on a trolled lure in open water while returning from the tuna grounds. …Eric Brictson

East Cape

Before Hilary passed, we had a nice week with good fishing.

The water was 86 to 87 degrees, clear and flat, with some afternoon SE winds, and the mornings were clear mornings with afternoon clouds and light rain. The highs have been in the low 90s. 

It has been an excellent week of fishing with a solid dorado bite close to the hotel with good-sized yellowfin taken daily farther south. Lots of striped marlin were taken recently mixed with some big blue and black marlin, plus big wahoo to 90 pounds. Medium-sized roosterfish are abundant. The tuna, marlin, and wahoo are concentrated south of Frailes at the white cliffs from 1 to 5 miles offshore. The La Ribera one-day tournament winners yesterday were a 376-pound blue, a 57-pound yellowfin, with numerous tuna weighing over 40 pounds. 

Lots and lots of dorado have been taken close to the Ranch, almost all within 3 to 4 miles from the hotel. Many were in the 5 to 15-pound range, with some big bulls to 47 pounds. All anglers were limiting out with trolled ballyhoo working best.

Boats going south of Frailes to the White Cliffs picked up 20 to 50-pound yellowfin closer inshore within a mile of the beach, dropping squid, cut bait, and iron off the bottom. Most boats took at least a couple.

The billfish are concentrated off the White Cliffs with striped marlin mixed in with quite a few blues, blacks, ballyhoo, and darker trolled lures.

Some wahoo were taken off the productive White Cliffs, with the largest in the 90-pound range. Almost all were on CD 18 Rapalas and Marauders.

Many roosterfish in the 5 to 20-pound class were released off the Costa Palmas Marina entrance. And there was not much pressure.

It was a good week!…John Ireland, Rancho Leonero

La Paz – Las Arenas/ Muertos Bay / Suenos Bay Fishing

WEATHER:  Before ‘Hilary,” it was in the mid-to-upper 90s and humid. Although it has gotten just a tad cooler since the storm arrived, the humidity is higher, and the air is heavy and wet. 

The forecast keeps changing. Maybe one to two days of rain are expected, but more are worried about the winds from Hilary. It will be in the 20-mph range here…enough to keep us off the water, but outside, I hear it’s blowing triple digits.

WATER: The bay is calm, but it’s a washing machine outside! Some folks in a sailboat told me they had 20 to 25-foot swells.

FISH HOOKED THIS WEEK: Dorado and more dorado! One tuna hooked and lost. One billfish hooked and lost – most likely a big, striped marlin – smaller roosterfish, jacks, bonito, and rockfish are inside.

LAS ARENAS FISHING: More variety of species, but not as many dorado! However, some of the larger dorado were coming up here.

LA PAZ FISHING: Dorado is as close as the tankers anchored in the bay!

NOTE: Saying it over and over. The best part of the fishing season is the time when we can see the storms. Usually, it is NOT a big issue, but you need to purchase trip insurance. Storms are part of fishing, and there are no refunds for weather-related cancelations. Still, the trip insurance will also help cover canceled or delayed airline flights/ hotel rooms/ activities, etc. …Tailhunter, Jonathan Roldan. ,