Concerts Series Began at Pueblo Bonito’s Quivira Development

 Concerts Series Began at Pueblo Bonito’s Quivira Development


A series of Candlelight Concerts were hosted at Quivira Los Cabos and curated by Fever Up. Fever, as it is most known, is the world’s leading live entertainment company. It was founded in Madrid, Spain back in 2014 and has now expanded to over 100 major cities across the globe.

The Fever platform helps millions of people discover the best cultural experiences in their own towns and cities. Fever claims its only mission is to democratize access to culture and entertainment in real life. In my experience this is not far from the truth, as a few months ago I attended two Candlelight classical music concerts in Tijuana. Classical music was always a genre considered only for the bourgeois. I guess it isn’t anymore. 

The platform offers users access to unique local experiences and events, from art exhibitions, interactive theater, festivals, concerts to cocktail pop-ups. In Latin America, Mexico was their first country. Fever’s corporate office, located in Mexico City, opened 3 years ago. Since then, events have taken place in some of the main cities like Tijuana, Toluca, Monterrey, and Queretaro. 

The marketing director of Quivira, Lourdes Alcaraz, invited Fever Up to bring their most emblematic event, the Candlelight Concert, to Los Cabos for the first time. The series of six concerts included two Tribute to ABBA jazz instrumental concerts, two Tribute to Selena concerts, one Bolero (Mexican Romantic music) concert and a Mexicanisimo concert honoring Mexican folk music, all performed by professional Mexican musicians and singers. 

All concerts were completely sold out two weeks prior to the date. The iconic Quivira’s botanical garden hosted an estimated 350 guests per concert with thousands of flickering candles enhancing the listening experience. Tickets started at 400 to 900 pesos (25 to 55 USD).

Miguel Lopez, project manager at Fever Candlelight said to the GG: ”We plan to return to Quivira next October. The program is yet to be defined.” 

Without a doubt, Fever has come to stay. It seems the people of Los Cabos are hungry for affordable cultural events, especially those of high quality. Stay tuned for the upcoming concerts!!!

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