Los Cabos Airport Traffic Grows

 Los Cabos Airport Traffic Grows

Photo courtesy of El Independiente

In the first semester of this year, our international airport experienced a remarkable surge in passenger traffic, with an impressive 16 percent increase compared to the same period in 2022, during which record-breaking numbers were already achieved. This substantial growth in passenger numbers is a testament to Los Cabos popularity and the increasing global connectivity of the airport.

Considering the upward trajectory, the airport has set ambitious goals for the future. With the current trend, it is projected that the airport will receive a staggering 20 million passengers in the next two decades. To prepare for this anticipated influx, the implementation of advanced technological solutions, such as eGates, becomes imperative.

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eGates, or electronic gates, provide an efficient and streamlined process for passenger verification and immigration control. By employing eGates, the airport can enhance security measures while significantly reducing waiting times for travelers. As the number of passengers continues to rise, investing in such modern infrastructure becomes crucial to maintaining a seamless and hassle-free travel experience.

With its commitment to adapt and cater to the increasing demands of the future, the airport management is actively pursuing the implementation of eGates, ensuring that the facility remains at the forefront of aviation technology. By embracing innovative solutions, the airport aims to create an environment that fosters efficient travel, elevates passenger experiences, and upholds its reputation as a leading international hub.