Fish Report

August 8, 2016 Edition

Coronado Islands. Yellowtail fishing remains very good with a large volume of fish at the Islands right now. The best grade of yellowtail (from 15 to 20 pounds with a few up to 30 pounds) are hanging out along the weather side of North Island with the Keyhole being one of the better spots to check out. Fly-lining sardines in tight in roughly 75-to 90-feet of water is getting the best results. Those slow-trolling are also getting them.

The north end of South Island, Ribbon Kelp, 5 Minute Kelp, and SKR is also holding a bunch of yellowtail. These yellows are mostly smaller fish though with an average size of around 6 to 8 pounds with a few larger ones up to 15 pounds and some even smaller at about 3 pounds.
These spots are also holding 3- to 5-pound bonito and some sluggo barracuda. Some of these are pushing the 10-pound range. The larger ones are being caught on surface iron.

Ensenada. While the yellowtail action at Todos Santos slowed recently, limits of calico bass and bottom fish are the norm for most of the trips aboard local sportfishers.

Offshore, Angel Garcia from Ensenada, aboard"Boricua,"a pink jet head, captured this dorado estimated to weigh between 35 and 40 pounds on a kelp paddy towards the 238 Bank. While farther down the peninsula, fish this size have been very scarce this season. Other boats in the same area also added some nice-sized yellowfin tuna as well.

San QuintinMost boats fishing closer to shore and San Martin Island found a wide open yellowtail bite on lures and live mackerel for fish up to 20 pounds, plus calico in the kelp beds and good bottom fishing for ling and snapper.

As long as the inshore action is doing so well, few, if any boats have ventured farther offshore to see if the dorado and yellowfin tuna have arrived.

Bahía de los Ángeles. Summer action is settling in with a good yellowtail bite. There are a few dorado filtering in as the sea temps warm up. Also some striped marlin are being spotted and a few have been hooked and released. Live bait has been difficult to catch for some. Plastics and yoyo iron seems to be working well enough

Cedros Island Recently the "Let's Talk Hook Up" trip was at the Island. With Guide Ron Lane, three frequent listeners of the radio show had a great time with Cedros Tackle and Cedros Kayak Fishing. There was wide open calico bass fishing on just about whatever you felt like throwing at them. Fish up to 6 ½ pounds were caught from the Hobie Outback kayaks.

The yellowtail fishing at Punta Norte continued this week with excellent fishing on the dropper loop with live mackerel in 150-feet of water. Bait is easy to make right now and large schools of anchovy were seen along the lee of the Island which enhanced the calico fishing and made for wide open action. Water is 70 to 72 degrees along the lee and South end of the Island.