3-Michelin Stars Chef Does Cabo

World famous Chef Dominique Crenn, owner and Chef of Atelier Crenn, who has earned 3 Michelin stars, a position among The World’s 50 Best and James Beard awards, will be cooking in Cabo from January 21 to February 4. Her small – 20 to 30 guests – groups will enjoy her cuisine at the Montage […]

Volunteer with Los Cabos Humane Society

There are several ways to help: 1. Walking Dogs. Show up at the Los Cabos Humane Society HQ, located half a block from the La Roca motel on the road to Todos Santos. Monday through Saturdays between 8:00-10:00 am. Wear sneakers. You may only walk one dog at a time. Other Volunteer Activities: Join the […]

Covid-19 Vaccines Arriving in Cabo Today!

Over 400,000 vaccines have been received in Mexico City, and the federal government has begun its distribution to the 32 states of Mexico, while more will continue to arrive. For Southern Baja, the first shipment of 9,750 vaccines will arrive tonight at 9:00 pm, said the director of the state’s Health Department, Dr. Victor G. […]

Huge Sea Turtle Crashes Wedding

It had been years since the last time we saw Leatherback sea turtles come to Cabo, and since November, we have had three of them on different beaches laying their eggs. Over a dozen baby sea turtles have been born, and we expect more very soon. In the meantime, a 500 kilos (over 1,100 lbs) […]

ICF Releases its Mexico Giving Guide 2021

ICF (International Community Foundation) is an international nonprofit organization, which seeks to inspire international charitable giving by U.S. donors, particularly those with an interest in Northwest Mexico, to strengthen civil society and promote sustainable communities.

Whale Shark Watching is Good Now!

Tours to watch whale sharks, the largest living nonmammalian vertebrate are very popular in La Paz these days, although the price has increased. Due to Covid-19, boats are allowed to carry only half of the passengers they are certified for, a reason to increase the tour prices by aboaut 50 percent. The whale shark is […]

Leatherback Babies Released

After 10 years of not one visit from Leatherback Sea Turtles, which are the largest turtles in the world, this week the Los Barriles Sea Turtle protection group released 17 baby turtles back to sea. Local Biologist Graciela Tiburcio said that there are 4 more nests waiting for baby leatherbacks to hatch and be tossed […]

Traffic Alert in La Paz

Asphalt of two streets of the historic downtown in La Paz, our state’s capitol city, will be removed and replaced with hydraulic concrete, said a report from the city’s urban planning agency. At a cost of $1.5 million USD, work on Madero and Revolution streets, between 5 de Mayo and Constitution, will start this Monday, […]

Don’t Know What to do With That Christmas Tree?

The Los Cabos government is setting up recycling stations in San Jose and Cabo San Lucas to receive discarded Christmas Trees. In San Jose del Cabo, at Centenario street; in the Zacatal neighborhood across the street from the Coppel store, and in the Guaymitas barrio at the headquarters of the Public services agency. There will […]

The Los Cabos East Cape Tourist Development is Growing!

From the Cabo Pulmo marine national park to La Ribera, there are 18 tourist projects approved to build residences and hotels. Three non-governmental eco-minded organizations (Niparajá, Rare and Friends for Cabo Pulmo Conservation) are warning the government that these developments will put enormous pressure on our water table and may pollute those pristine areas. The […]