Michael Movie Moments / The Father

BY MICHAEL YOUNG A place is a “home” because it provides a comforting sense of stability — an environment where things don’t change too much and patterns of life are predictable. We walk into the living room knowing that the furniture is the same and in the same place as it was yesterday. If we […]

Que Pasa In Cabo?

July 5, 2021 Edition BY DAVID FLORES Los Cabos Airport Gets Busier. The international airport in San Jose del Cabo has registered a 70 percent increase in passenger arrivals against last year. Even more impressive is that this month so far, we have received 14 percent more passengers than in pre-COVID-19 although traditionally, the months […]

Tales From The Hood

BY EL MONDO DE CABO What is a million-dollar baked potato? You will learn here. A long time ago, after my team of entrepreneurial desperados won the 2.4 million-dollar Bisbee, I ran into my old boss, Keith Richards here in Cabo. Yes, that Keith Richards.  So, without thinking it through, I invited my old boss […]

Fish Report

BY GARY GRAHAM Cabo San Lucas After a slow week, the striped marlin fishing turned back on for the few boats that were fishing. Pisces 46’ La Chingona released 11 marlin in one week – 6 striped marlin and 1 dorado on their best day – by the anglers aboard. Back-to-back-to-back AMAZING days on Pisces […]

Ask a Mexican

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day?  Día de la Madre is coming up soon, and not many people know where this tradition comes from. The celebration started in 1922. May was picked because it is the month of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. And the 10th because, back in the day, payday was […]

Cooking Like a Mexican

BY ALEJANDRA BORBOLLA I believe stews are as old as time, and in Mexican cooking, we have quite a few that warm our hearts and bellies. Nothing is how it was and food has evolved. Before the Spanish came, cooking was quite different from what happens in a Mexican kitchen now. There were ceremonial stews […]

Michael Movie Moments

BY MICHAEL YOUNG “The Really Long View” is the name I give to an approach in documentaries of the last couple of years that suggest a level of commitment and work that is truly elevating the art and science of feature-length documentary movies.  In this year’s Crip Camp, for example, the filmmakers use what appears to […]

Que Pasa in Baja?

Bring Down the Costa Azul Wall! After three months since the construction of a retaining wall began on the Costa Azul arroyo and then denounced as illegal by concerned citizens and ecological organizations, the authorities have come to a decision to bring it down. To that effect, Carlos Godinez, the under-secretary of the Los Cabos […]

Fish Report

BY GARY GRAHAM / THAT BAJA GUY Cabo San Lucas Windy weather hasn’t discouraged the stripers that are still biting. For those visitors on many boats willing to brave the elements, multiple releases are not uncommon. Adding to the excitement, the swordfish bite that began over a month ago continues. The yellowfin tuna seem to […]

Cooking Like a Mexican

BY ALEJANDRA BORBOLLA This typical dish from the coast of Veracruz, on the Gulf of Mexico, the southeastern region, is kind of between a paella, a risotto and a rice stew. This hearty meal has seafood and fish, and the original recipe has quite an interesting story among “jarochos” (that’s what people from Veracruz are […]