Que Pasa in Cabo?

 New U.S. Airline Wants to Fly to Cabo. Breeze Airways, the American low-cost airline headquartered in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, disclosed that it was planning to launch its first international flights with once-weekly operations between Los Angeles International and San Jose del Cabo International Airport. Breeze Airways was founded by David Neeleman, who previously co-founded Morris […]

Tales From the Hood

BY EL MONDO DEL CABO Bettie Davis so famously said, “Getting old ain’t for sissies.”  Have you noticed the people who are always working out are the ones getting surgery and procedures? My idea of working out is watching my house boy make my late afternoon Bloody Mary, while I yell at the news on […]

Fish Report

BY GARY GRAHAM Cabo San Lucas This week – We had a 52-pound dorado, a 107-pound yellowfin tuna, and many billfish releases! There were 181 marlin released in the past week! A few of the dorado were large. A 52.5-pounder was caught on Pisces 60′ Happy Ending, along with 7 striped marlin. Most dorado ranged […]

Cooking Like a Mexican

BY ALEJANDRA BORBOLLA Cuachala must not be confused with Coachella. Food, not a music festival. This is a staple dish from Jalisco, Colima and Nayarit — states that are all next to each other and by the Pacific Ocean. This region has one of the most varied climates in the country, being coastal and tropical […]

Que Pasa in Cabo?

Todos Santos Listed Among the Best. The Travel Pulse magazine has listed our quaint, Magical town of Todos Santos among The Seven Best Small Beach Towns in Mexico, saying: “The town with its narrow cobblestone streets is dotted with lovely restaurants and boutique shops. Its diverse range of ecosystems makes Todos Santos a fascinating place. […]

Ask a Mexican

Recently, more foreigners with remote jobs from their home country have found themselves living in Mexico which has started the conversation on whether they are gentrifying the country or helping raise the economy. What do you think? Cesar Trujillo, 41, consultant.  I don’t really think we need that many foreigners here making our rent prices […]

Tales From The Hood

BY EL MONDO DE CABO It was in the dead of night many decades ago when my pal’s newly refurbished shrimp boat was smashed into pieces during a horrific storm off the rocky coast of Cabo. Exhausted and surrounded by sharks, my pal thought he was on his way to see Davey Jones in person, […]

Fish Report

BY GARY GRAHAM Cabo San Lucas This sierra mackerel weighing 18.7 pounds and caught by angler Sean Green aboard his 33-foot Invincible Boat “CRUDO” would have certainly been the NEW All Tackle World Record if they had weighed it on a certified scale and had this weight held! Captained by Carlos “Sharluko” Peralta aboard the 33-foot Invincible […]

Cooking like a Mexican

BY ALEJANDRA BORBOLLA Serrano chiles are one of the most used ingredients in Mexican cooking, all chiles really, but today we’re going to focus on this special variety. Its name comes from “Sierra” or mountain range, which means this chile comes from the Mexican mountain chains, which cover pretty much all the country’s outline. Chile […]

Que Pasa in Cabo?

Wine Party With a Cause. And this will be sold out soon since it will take place at the popular Torote Restaurant in El Tezal, Cabo San Lucas. The event will take place on November 18 and will benefit PET Los Cabos and their Spay/Neuter Campaigns and the Second Chance Ranch, their dog shelter in […]