Two New Flights Are Cooking!

Los Cabos is on the radar for more travelers than ever, especially those jetting in from San Antonio, TX, and Miami, FLA. Despite the current need for stopovers, these cities are sending an increasing number of visitors our way, and that’s got the folks at FITURCA (Los Cabos Tourism Fund) buzzing with plans for easier […]

Los Cabos Airport Beats All

Big news for Los Cabos and its tourism scene! The Pacific Airports Group (GAP) has just released some impressive stats for 2023, and it looks like our stunning tourist destination is topping the charts in Mexico. We’re talking a whopping 4.75 million international tourists out of the total 7.6 million visitors that graced Los Cabos. […]

New Mexican Airline Leaves Los Cabos Out of the Picture

There’s a new player in the Mexican airline industry, but it looks like Los Cabos will have to wait a bit longer to be part of its network. Mexicana de Aviación, revived under President Andres Manuel López Obrador’s decision, has taken to the skies once again after its bankruptcy in 2010. Its inaugural flight this […]

Tijuana – Loreto Flight Becoming Popular

If you’re thinking about a quick getaway this holiday season, you’re definitely not alone! Volaris airlines is riding a wave of popularity with its Tijuana to Loreto flight, where seats are selling faster than hotcakes. It seems like everyone’s got the same great idea for a holiday escape! Loreto, just a six-hour drive north of […]

New Las Vegas-Los Cabos Flight Beats It!

If you’re eyeing a quick getaway from the dazzling lights of Las Vegas to the sun-kissed beaches of Los Cabos, there’s some exciting news for you. Alaska Airlines’ newest flight route connecting Las Vegas to San Jose del Cabo International Airport is already making waves! The inaugural flight, which landed last Friday, was greeted in […]

Number of Private Flights Increasing

There’s a notable trend taking off in Los Cabos, and it’s all about the skies. Remember when we talked about the rise in private and semi-private flights to this sunny paradise? Well, it turns out the Los Cabos Tourism Fund has some fresh data, and the numbers are truly skyrocketing, especially at the Cabo San […]

New Regional Airline Takes Off in Two Weeks

Starting December 8, there’s a new player in the airline game named Señor Air. They’re setting up shop at the Cabo San Lucas airport and are all set to add some spice to air travel. Get ready, because they’re launching with some pretty exciting routes. Now, where can you jet off to with Señor Air? […]

New Flight from St. Louis Announced

Alright folks, got some pretty cool news on the travel front! Sure, it’s a bit of a wait since it won’t kick off until March, but hey, it’s always a buzz to hear about new connections to our little slice of paradise. So, what’s the scoop? Well, it’s all about Southwest Airlines stepping up their […]

U.S. Restores Mexico’s Aviation Safety Rating to Category 1

BY M.N.D. STAFF The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has reinstated Mexico’s Category 1 aviation safety rating more than two years after it was downgraded to Category 2. The FAA announced the decision in a statement on Thursday last week, noting that it came after “more than two years of close work between the […]

One More Airline Will Fly to Cabo

Guess what? The super affordable Houston-based airline, Avelo Airlines, just spilled the beans on their latest plans. Drumroll, please… they’re launching a flight route from Los Angeles straight to the sun-soaked shores of Los Cabos! 🏝️ If you haven’t been in the loop, Avelo made its debut in the skies back in April 2021. And, […]