Toll Road Prices Go Up Today!

 Toll Road Prices Go Up Today!

Capufe, the Mexican agency overseeing toll roads, shared some important news last night. Effective immediately, they’re bumping up toll prices by 3 percent. If you’re heading from the Airport to Cabo San Lucas, for instance, you’ll now need to shell out 107 pesos, a slight jump from the earlier 104 pesos. This increase applies across the board, so it’s not just for this route.

Heads up to all travelers: don’t forget to have some coins handy. With these new prices, fumbling for change at the toll booth could slow you down. It’s a small but crucial detail that can make your journey smoother.

And, of course, a friendly reminder to all: drive safe. Whether it’s a short hop or a long haul, your safety is paramount. Keep an eye on the road, respect traffic rules, and let’s make sure everyone gets to their destination without a hitch. Happy travels!

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