New Haute Galleria Opens in Cabo San Lucas

 New Haute Galleria Opens in Cabo San Lucas


Mexican entrepreneur and founder of Haute Galleria, Jazz R Tadros, graduated from Autónoma University of Guadalajara with a Major in Set Production. Born in México City, she has lived in many different countries and moved 26 times during her life. Jazz earned a Master’ Degree in television production at the CES University in Madrid, Spain and also studied French at the Université Jean Monet in France.

 She arrived in Los Cabos in 2011. “I felt the need to open a unique place where people could find everything they need to create the perfect space. We have always kept in mind that interior design should not impose a style, but rather capture and reflect the identity of each person,” said Jazz. 

In 2014, she partnered up with a family-owned factory in Guadalajara that brings over 40 years of experience in furniture making. Jazz opened the Haute Galleria in February of that year and was joined by a talented team of artisan builders, interior designers and internationally renowned local artists.

 ”The vision was to introduce custom-built high-quality furniture to fulfill the needs and styles of our clients. At the same time, we also brought world-class furniture brands to Los Cabos,” added Jazz. ”We offer an ever-expanding level of options for the residential, hotel and commercial markets of our Southern Baja California Region.”

Their showroom in Plaza Meridiano of Cabo San Lucas is a one-of-a-kind, luminous space with the latest design trends. Their selection of furniture, accessories, lighting fixtures and fine fabrics, produced by talented makers from around the world, keeps the gallery in a constant state of innovation. And of course, the personalized service as well as the invaluable advice from their professional designers is what helps make every project unique. 

“It is a place where you will find a range that goes from a Mexican artisan-created classical piece to the latest collection by world-renowned international brands,” added the blonde-haired, knowledgeable, Jazz. “A custom-designed piece means much more than just picking a model and fabric. It requires advice to materialize what you have in mind, inspired by your own lifestyle. The resulting space is uniquely created by and for you.”

“The first meeting with your interior designer is the starting point to the completion of your project. We will discuss your ideas, budget and expectations so we can fully understand your project. Depending on your needs, we can form a detailed plan of your interior space. Based on the dimensions of your existing spaces, we suggest a selection of products and a design tailored to your needs and tastes. We work with you to determine the colors, materials and finishings to shape the perfect customized furniture designs for your project,” she explained. 

”We want to be part of your story by offering you our Gift Table service for your wedding. It ranges from a small accessory or gift certificate to fully customized furniture pieces for your new home. Visit our store and let us show you the options of our Gift Table system,” said Jazz who added that most of their products can be fully customized, via size adjustments, their wide selection of fabrics, and different materials and finishings.

Andreu World is an International Designer Furniture manufacturer founded in Alacuás, in a province of Valencia, Spain with collections on display in 92 countries. Every piece that bears the Andreu World mark is the product of a thorough manufacturing process, with wood from 100% reforested and sustainable forests. Their philosophy blends artisan craftwork, sustainability and new technologies, betting on the unique and successful union of mastery and innovation.

The company has developed a solid industrial culture for over 65 years, built on the manufacturing of quality comfortable seats and tables for work, corporate and public spaces, as well as the outdoors, hotels and high-end restaurants. Upon assessing the growth of Los Cabos, and the hotel industry, as well as real estate, Andreu World formed an alliance with Haute Galleria, creating a showroom in Cabo San Lucas where customers can experience part of their collection and marvel at the quality of their products.

Andreu World works with globally recognized designers and architects, such as Patricia Urquiola, Jasper Morrison, Alfredo Häberli, Benjamin Hubert, Lievore Altherr Molina, Piergiorgio Cazzaniga and Javier Mariscal. 

At the factory in Guadalajara, Haute Galleria has the capacity and flexibility to produce highly intricate designs, incorporating marquetry, metal, gold and silver sheets, acrylic or metal embeddings, mirror with machined or hand carvings using sustainably grown wood, along with a vast array of imported materials from all over the world, and the highest quality textiles.

”Upholsterers, seamstresses, blacksmiths, assemblers, artisans, woodworkers; and our entire manufacturing team work with great dedication to create not only furniture but unique works of art with the highest standard in quality,” said Miss Jazz.  

The Haute Galleria is located in the heart of Plaza Meridianos L-shaped section, down the street from the Bomberos station in Cabo San Lucas. For more information, please visit or call any one of the following numbers: +1 (312) 757-0266, (624) 191-8935 and/or (624) 157-8678.

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